About The Writer

Prof. & Lic Stella Palavecino, M.A. in TEFL, is a graduate teacher, teacher trainer, material writer and an author based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. A validated specialist in Phonetics and Phonology, she holds postgraduate degrees in Phonetics and Phonology, Higher Education, ICT and Pedagogy. She has published extensively and has delivered presentations in the fields of phonology, pronunciation, phonics, ICT tools applied to pronunciation teaching, language laboratories and phonetics pedagogy at various ESL/EFL symposia. Some of her publications include ‘Th Th Thumkie’, ‘Thumkie in Spain’, ‘The Jawbreaker and the Sound Ticklers’, ‘ The Elves’ Magic Moves’, ‘The Polar Bear’s Pin’ and Heather and Eddie in the Sound Cave’. She runs the teacher trainer resource hub for EFL world of phonics storybooks at www.eflphonics.com.ar. She is also a Pronsig scholarship winner for the IATEFL 2020 annual conference and TESOL Spain 2023 grant.

She currently lectures in Phonetics and Phonology with Laboratory Practice I and II, and English Diction at the ‘Instituto Superior en Lenguas Vivas Juan R Fernandez’ Teacher Training College and Translation Programme. She is a founding member of B.A. English House, where she has designed a special fellowship in EFL Education, offered to college students from U.K. universities.

In association with universities and teacher education institutions, she has organized webinars, conferences and study groups that promote continuing professional development. As an international consultant, she has widely reviewed published material produced in her field