'Emo-pron' Stories

An EFL phonics approach to teach pronunciation to Young Learners

by Stella Palavecino

'Th Th Thumkie' book release at IATEFL International Conference Belfast 2022

Welcome to the support hub for EFL teachers integrating Emo-pron stories into their curriculum to enhance pronunciation lessons integrating reading and writing for young learners. Here, educators will discover comprehensive resources including lesson plans, engaging activities, catchy songs, and interactive games designed to take these stories into a deeper and more memorable method for acquiring English pronunciation. Join us in revolutionizing the way children acquire new language sounds, making the learning process both innovative and enjoyable.

Unlocking Fun and Effective Pronunciation Learning for Kids: Introducing Emo Pron!

Are you an English teacher struggling to make pronunciation lessons engaging for young learners? Look no further! Let’s explore how Emo Pron, a creative teaching method, can transform your classroom into a dynamic and enjoyable learning environment.

Why Emo Pron?

Traditional methods like Phonics, which work wonders for native English speakers, often hit a snag with non-native learners. Imagine teaching the word "three" to a student whose native language lacks the "th" sound! Sounds like a challenge, right? That's where Emo Pron steps in.

The Emo Pron Approach

Emo Pron doesn't just teach pronunciation; it creates a magical world of learning through captivating stories and lovable characters. Picture a young learner embarking on an adventure with "Thumkie," a friendly character helping them conquer the tricky "th" sound. By engaging emotions and imagination, Emo Pron makes learning pronunciation both effective and fun.

The Science Behind It

Did you know our brains are wired for storytelling? Emo Pron capitalizes on this by weaving emotional connections into learning. When kids are emotionally invested in a story, their brains release chemicals that enhance memory retention. So, not only do they learn pronunciation, but they remember it too!

How It Works

Emo Pron stories aren't just entertaining; they're strategically designed to address specific pronunciation challenges. Through playful movements and relatable conflicts, children learn to articulate sounds correctly while having a blast.

What Makes It Unique?

Unlike traditional methods, Emo Pron tailors lessons to each learner's needs, ensuring no pronunciation hurdle is too high. With Emo Pron, every child can unlock their full potential in English pronunciation.

Get Started with Emo Pron Today!

Ready to revolutionize pronunciation learning in your classroom? Embrace the power of Emo Pron and watch your students' pronunciation skills soar!

'Th Th Thumkie' book release at IATEFL International Conference Belfast 2022

Welcome to the support hub for EFL teachers who are using Emo-pron stories to teach pronunciation to young learners. Teachers will find lesson plans, activities, songs and games that accompany these stories, and which will surely help children acquire the pronunciation of new English sounds through emotions in an innovative and memorable way.

Emo-pron stories are based on the need of the EFL learner to acquire new English sounds when working with Phonics. Phonics is a systematic approach to reading and writing, pronunciation and the English language, which seems to be ideal for children. The problem is that the material is designed for native speakers of English. There is a mismatch at this point. How can we make Phonics effective for the EFL learner? How can this be possible, considering that the major difficulty for them is the acquisition of English words and sounds before they actually learn to blend and segregate English words? The answer to this question lies in designing a phonological core (Jenkins, 2000), and activating previous knowledge. To this effect, some sounds have been selected to be the protagonists of the stories. (Click here to read about the  Sound Priorities for Spanish Speakers suggested by the writer) For example, the story of Thumkie, who struggles to fit into the EFL classroom because children cannot see TH in words. This story will act as a scaffold to acquire the English sound through Thumkie and his friends (Palavecino, 2022).

Through fantasy, children are introduced to English sounds through stories that motivate them to easily remember the place of articulation of a new sound, notice, acquire, play and sing with the sounds that do not exist in their mother tongue.

Teachers will be delighted to see how simple it can be to transform their classes into cheerful pronunciation sessions, the main objectives of which will be creatively accomplished through stories, fancy characters, sound tricks, music and games. There is a world of Emo-pron stories for the EFL learner lying ahead. Come and discover it for yourself!


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